‘seascape’, 2006

walking into an exhibition of work by american artist valerie hegarty, you might think there has been a terrible accident. hegarty’s work is characterized by canvases and antiques that have been burned, ripped, cracked, shot at or otherwise destroyed. however the devastating state of hegarty’s work is intentional. her work is intended to evoke man’s struggle to civilize nature and the consequences which emerge.

valerie hegarty at guild & greyshkul

valerie hegarty ‘niagara falls’, 2007

valerie hegarty ‘cracked canyon’, 2007

valerie hegarty ‘driftwood painting’, 2006

valerie hegarty ‘george washington shipwrecked’, 2007

valerie hegarty ‘rothko sunset’, 2007

valerie hegarty ‘fallen bierstadt’, 2007

valerie hegarty ‘unearthed’, 2008