vasily klyukin envisions new york in pink for barbiehattan
images courtesy of vasily klyukin




vasily klyukin imagines a new york run, not by a politician, but a cultural icon that has inhabited the homes and hearts of people across the globe: barbie. the famous female figure is envisioned as the big apple’s new mayor, renaming the island ‘barbiehattan’ and re-configuring the master plan of the city. hot pink-painted images of the city’s skyline and pictures of popular attractions like wall street, times square and the statue of liberty are colorized to suit the barbie-themed urban landscape. klyukin collaborated with artists andrei sharov and sergey romanov to create the digital visualizations, not intended as a practical application, but as a playful and humorous reinterpretation of city life.

the big apple’s ‘new mayor’ renames the island ‘barbiehattan’

a pink-painted scenery viewer overlooks a colorized empire state building

the wall street sign is visualized in a hot pink hue

one world trade center gets treated with a pink cladding

the visualizations are intended as a playful and humorous reinterpretation of city life

hot pink-painted images of the city’s skyline comprise the ‘barbiehattan’ series

by night, new york city is illuminated in a hot pink glow

barbie re-configures the master plan of the city