on the 50th anniversary of edward hopper’s death, a UK creative agency is celebrating the artist’s remarkable career by bringing some of his most famous works to life as animated gifs. ‘edward hopper in motion’ sees nine iconic paintings become interactive, digital art pieces, enlivened by subtly moving scenography. featured in the collection are ‘automat’, ‘chop suey’, ‘lighthouse hill’, ‘new york movie’, ‘morning sun’, ‘people in the sun’, ‘nighthawks’, ‘hotel window’ and ‘house by the railroad’.


‘people in the sun’



each uniquely animated to activate specific facets of a scene, the gifs recreate hopper’s realist spirit through a distinctly digital dimension. created by UK-based content agency verve search for orbitz, ‘edward hopper in motion’ pays tribute to the artist’s most celebrated works and introduces them to a younger generation who may not have been directly familiar with his work. previously minor elements are exaggerated through animation, like ‘nighthawks’, which now sees a dimly flickering light infill the diner interior and a closing shutter above the serene street scene. see the interactive artworks below, and learn more about each piece on ‘edward hopper in motion’.



‘hotel window’


‘house by the railroad’


‘lighthouse hill’


‘morning sun’


‘new york movie’