vincent leroy’s stone age reflects fragmented spaces
(above) the sculpture portrays the contrast between a diamond’s hardness with some soft movement
all images courtesy of vincent leroy




paris-based artist vincent leroy takes movement as the motivation for his work. he prefers this over form, material, or color. instead, he focuses on adding rhythm, pauses, and creating different patterns to set and differentiate every piece. ‘stone age’ is his latest sculpture and is made of fourteen triangular mirrors that move subtly, breaking its surroundings into thin reflections of space. these mirror images deconstruct the environment allowing for different visions of it.

vincent leroy stone age designboom
the sculpture seems to inhale while the triangular surface seem to float




this sculpture situates itself between poetry and technology, generating the opportunity to test visual and physical experiences that relate to space. ‘stone age’ looks like a heavy and rigid structure, but it will surprise the user when it twists and deforms with flexibility and fluidity, creating a delicate contrast. all the movement is created using very low technology.


‘stone age’ is currently exhibited at the NeC gallery in paris until february.


low-tech motors generate the movement of the sculpture
video courtesy of vincent leroy

vincent leroy stone age designboom
the reflections transport the viewer into another dimension

vincent leroy stone age designboom
this mechanism controls the movement

vincent leroy stone age designboom
all reflections are unexpected and short-lived

vincent leroy stone age designboom
a motor slowly moves the sculpture

vincent leroy stone age designboom
the mechanism uses very low technology

vincent leroy stone age designboom
back view



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