virgin atlantic safety film takes passengers on a cinematic trip

all images courtesy of art & graft





london-based design and motion studio art & graft have produced the new inflight film that continues virgin atlantic’s history of entertaining and innovative output. the six-minute safety animation, ‘trip’ is inspired by classic cinema and cult films, taking the viewer on a witty and surprising journey through a cinematic world. the playfully illustrated film follows a central character weary of inflight safety messages as he travels from one movie genre to the next, taking him through western style saloons, high tension car chases and film noir trains, all the while depicting the airline’s key safety messages. painstaking traditional hand-drawn animation combined with 3d techniques comprises the video, complemented by bespoke musical compositions from brains & hunch and comedienne morgana robinson’s quirky voiceover.



trip : the virgin atlantic safety teaser
video courtesy of art&graft