in conduction with industrial designer jarim koo, manufacturing company JCT600 has released an imaginative concept design that draws from the iconic volkswagen beetle as inspiration for an espresso machine for the home or office.
volkswagen espresso
images courtesy of JTC600



although it is shaped as a capsule, the machine is instantaneously recognizable to any vw owner, embodying the german automative giant’s unique brand while exuding reputation, and style. much like the vw beetle with the coupe-style loop line, frameless door and an alloy wheel, the shape of the foo’s design maintains the core values coming in three dynamic colors that provide the ‘customer the flexibility of choosing a model that complaints their interior ambience.’volkswagen espresso



at the top of this concept, is a sliding wing cover that moves in both directions to insert coffee capsules or filling with water in a built-in tank. volkswagen espresso



coined the ‘barista beetle,’ the simple and elegant design hides the complexity and sophistication of the inner-workings of the machine. additionally, the body is able to be rooted so users may access other elements of the machine easily. volkswagen espresso



the barista beetle allows full customization of your espresso, from four different sizes of cups, to the changing the water temperature of the hot water even from the barista app. volkswagen espresso



overall, although this concept is not going to be hitting stores in the near future, it is an interesting take on how engineering can cross over to other appliances. utilizing their iconic designs and themes, such as the classic sensibility through the curved shape, primary body color and chrome detail of the barista beetle, and develop new unique goods that can change the landscape of our everyday appliances. volkswagen espressovolkswagen espressovolkswagen espressovolkswagen espressovolkswagen espressovolkswagen espresso