designboom, with TIVOLI AUDIO, is currently hosting the ‘TIVOLI AUDIO 10th anniversary‘ international graphic design competition.

usually, designboom doesn’t reveal any of the competition submissions until after the short-listed has been selected. however, we’re approaching this competition with TIVOLI AUDIO in a different manner and have decided to share some of the entries with our readers as a kind of ‘sneak peak’.

detail of ‘whatever your style’ by s. kangas © s. kangas

‘whatever your style’ by s. kangas from finland is one of the entries in the competition.

designer’s own words: ‘being aware of Tivoli Audio’s classic, simple and elegant design, I decided to express the joy of what listening to music brings to people; exploring the tone and colours of music, despite whatever your style in music is.’

'whatever your style' by s. kangas   TIVOLI AUDIO competition entry ‘whatever your style’ by s. kangas billboard format ©  s. kangas

the competition is open to submissions until september 30th, 2010. you can register here.

we urge all participants to read the call for entries and measurement requirements before uploading their submissions. the winning artist’s work will be featured on a billboard at 1535 marriott marquis rotunda mesh face  in times square, NYC for the month of november 2010. find out more about the competition here.

'whatever your style' by s. kangas   TIVOLI AUDIO competition entry detail of background graphics © s. kangas