the installation delves into the inner mind yaron steinberg


The Brain/City offers an introspective glimpse into the psyche of artist Yaron Steinberg with its intricately woven form. Materializing the graffiti artist’s thoughts into a sculptural visual diary, the installation envisions Steinberg’s brain as a bustling metropolis, with each neural neighborhood representing a different facet of his consciousness. These neighborhoods, like districts in a city, coexist and collaborate, forming a harmonious whole and recalling Steinberg’s innermost thought and emotions. Viewers are invited to uncover hidden meanings woven within its delicate and ephemeral materiality, including paper, string, and light, which serve as metaphors for the fleeting nature of life itself with their fragility and transiency.

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all images courtesy of Yaron Steinberg



the brain/city weaves a bustling metropolis


In the vibrant realm of contemporary art, the human mind has served as a canvas for countless creative explorations. Artists have sought to decode the intricate tapestry of their inner worlds, translating thoughts, emotions, and experiences into tangible forms. Yaron Steinberg’s exploration with The Brain/City began with a profound desire to create a platform for self-expression and introspection. Much like a personal diary, this sculptural creation allows him to chronicle his experiences, dreams, and musings in a physical and immersive form. The sculpture serves as both a mirror to the soul and a window into the inner workings of the human psyche, extending beyond the realms of traditional art and venturing into the territory of immersive installations.


The Brain/City weaves a narrative through the visual language of art, rooted in Steinberg’s 25-year journey as a graffiti artist profoundly influenced by the streets, found objects, and the materials that define urban life. The exploration began with discarded cardboard — a humble origin that resonates with his enduring affection for the streets and the cities that have shaped his artistic identity.

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Yaron Steinberg unveils The Brain/City

the brain city 1
the installation serves as the artist’s visual diary

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the delicate materiality, including paper, string, and light, serve as metaphors for the fleeting nature of life itself



the brain city 7
the installation envisions Steinberg’s brain as a metropolis with individual neighborhoods

the brain city 5
the sculptural creation chronicles experiences, dreams, and musings

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project info:


name: Brain/City
designer: Yaron Steinberg



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