‘h box’ by didier fiúza faustinoat: yokohama triennale (information center), yokohama, japanfrom: september 13 – november 30, 2008



yokohama triennale is japan’s largest international contemporary art fair. going into its third installment, this year four young contemporary architects are going to join the line-up. didier fiúza faustino, akihis hirata, ryue nishizawa (sanaa) and minsuk cho (mass studies) will display their projects alongside the seventy-plus artists who will be exhibiting their work at this year’s triennale.

yokohama triennale 08 preview: didier faustino images © courtesy tate modernphoto: andres lejona



didier fiúza faustino is an architect and artist based in paris and lisbon. for the yokohama triennale he will be exhibiting ‘h box’ a mobile art space. conceived and produced by hermés, ‘h box’ is like a large aluminum suitcase and screening tool which shows the work of international artists within the collapsible capsule.

yokohama triennale 08 preview: didier faustino

installation view of ‘h box’ by didier fiúza faustino