creative agency pentagram london handed over the responsibility of the company’s 2019 holiday card to its latest partner yuri suzuki who has created an interactive platform that uses facial technology to make music using your face. called ‘face the music’, the online platform turns your face into a musical instrument by studying its moving features.

yuri suzuki's holiday card for pentagram makes music with your face



the platform introduces a new playful way of making music that instead of relying on our hands or arms to make sounds, requires us to express ourselves through our face instead. it invites you to play along with different musical styles including dubstep, opera, blues or sci-fi, by opening and closing your mouth, tilting your head side-to-side, and raising your eyebrows.




the sound designer demonstrates his concept through four videos that show him spinning in his office chair and then changing his facial expressions to create music. meanwhile, his two colleagues act as backing dancers in the background.




suzuki, whose work explores how we navigate and connect to the surrounding world through sound, is known for his fun and interactive installations that make the science more relatable. his recent works include and a sound map of the london underground and a public installation featuring giant horns and pipes.




the designer’s solo show sound in mind is currently on at london’s design museum until 2 february 2020. it showcases past works and new pieces that demonstrate his creative practice, with works ranging from experimental product design to large-scale sound installations.



project info


agency: pentagram
designer: yuri suzuki
name: face the music