saint franklin series collages money, materialism and morality
all images courtesy of yurko dyachyshyn




while many people prefer a life of simple pleasures, many others look towards money for happiness and fulfillment. materialism and greed motivate millions to build their sense of satisfaction on cash and big bills, worshiping money as an almost spiritual symbol.


ukrainian photographer yurko dyachyshyn unites the two ideas in his series of hand-made collages entitled ‘saint franklin’. using the portrait of benjamin franklin on the $100 bill, dyachyshyn attaches the image to various pictorial representations of sacred icons. franklin’s face replaces the religious representations, while cut-out pieces from the bill are incorporated into the composition. the addition of serial numbers, governmental seals and the phrase ‘in god we trust’ form a new figure that signifies society’s worship of material things. 

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
serial numbers taken from 100 dollar bills are inscribed in writing

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
franklin’s face covers the image of the religious icon 

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
franklin is placed on the body of a winged figure 

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
a gold halo surrounds the portrait

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
the figure holds flowers and wears a blue robe

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
palms and a cross made out of the words ‘federal reserve note’ complete the composition

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
the figure holds a religious garment 

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
franklin holds a book containing serial numbers from $100 bills 

yurko dyachyshyn saint franklin
an ornate composition features red, blue and gold graphics