an indian engineer has designed a bamboo bicycle as an environmentally friendly form of transport, the times of india has reported. most of the body of the cycle, including the stand and handle, is made of bamboo – with the exception of tires and bearings only. instead of the traditional bicycle signal, a klaxon playing a flute tune is fixed at the handle bar. it weighs just 8kg. D P mishra, professor of aerospace engineering at the indian institute of technology, kanpur, uses his bamboo bicycle to travel to the office. he said the idea behind his invention was to make it affordable for rural people, who could manufacture it with material available in their villages. he adds it is more nature-friendly than traditional cycles as the manufacturing process creates no pollution. mishra, who has applied for a patent for his creation, is now planning to make further improvements to make it even lighter and more attractive. more on bamboo bikes american bamboo society gizmodo wolverhampton’s museum of industry