in the walker art center’s minneapolis sculpture garden
may 24 – september 7, 2008
big boda load-carrying bicycle, 2005
designer: WorldBike, adam french, ed lucero with paul freedman, matt snyder, ross evans, moses odhiambo, and jacob
manufacturer: WorldBike and moses odhiambo’s workshop, kenya, 2002–05
mild steel, woven papyrus passenger cushion
design for the other 90% exhibition
lifestraw®, 2005
designer: torben vestergaard frandsen
manufacturer: vestergaard frandsen, china and switzerland
high-impact polystyrene (outer shell), halogen-based resin,
anion exchange resin and patented activated carbon (interior)
design for the other 90% exhibition 
sierra portable light mat, 2006
designer/manufacturer: portable light team, KVA MATx, usa, 2006
woven aluminum textile, recyclable PET, flexible photo-voltaics, semi-conductors, flexible wire ways
of the world’s 6.5 billion people, 90 percent have little or no access to most of the products and services
many of us take for granted. in fact, nearly half do not have reliable access to food, clean water, healthcare,
education, affordable transportation, or shelter. the exhibition design for the other 90% features more
than 30 projects that reflect a growing movement among designers, engineers, and social entrepreneurs
to create low-cost solutions for everyday problems. situated in the minneapolis sculpture garden and free to the public,
the objects on view are housed in a collection of global village shelters created by ferrara design, inc.,
which provide a lightweight, prefabricated alternative for emergency housing.
design for the other 90% exhibition
global village Shelter, 2004
designer: ferrara design, inc., with architecture for humanity
manufacturer: weyerhaeuser company, usa, 2004
triple wall-laminated corrugated cardboard