for a while now, we have noticed that to appeal to readers and advertisers, many design and architecture blogs have been working with fake comments. we understand the temptation to use them. editors might find that in order to survive in this battlefield, they must do this to give the illusion of success so that they may seem more influential to others. however, we feel that readers are quite perceptive and will notice this sooner or later.

we have been online since 1999 and with our readership we have collected over the years, it seems impossible that a few blogs with less than a third of our readers receive a slough of reactions in a single day, even more evident, when it’s for press release content which we all have published (this is what we have observed anyways).

designboom receives occasional comments, and we guess people are just too busy and would rather not spend time writing obvious thoughts of a critical mass, posting generic comments or worse, ‘thanks for letting me know, that’s great!’, ‘love it!!!’, ‘absolutely lovin’ it!!’ or ‘I think it is total crap’.

we do not wish to engage in this loser’s game and hope that competitive bloggers might take a break from the stupid or frustrating work of fake commenting or using this method to generate a ‘discussion’ which they call moderation.

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