nominations for the american express members project closes on september 1st. the initiative aims to give funding to worthwhile projects around the world based on crowd-sourced voting online. 2.5 million USD will be shared between the top 5 projects. anyone can register to nominate any of the 1190 projects. the top 25  projects will move onto the next round, to be narrowed down in the future to decide the top 5.

friend of designboom cameron sinclair let us know that his organization, architecture for humanity is involved in one of the nominated projects: ‘end human trafficking: sustainable livelihoods’. this project aims to give young women in cambodia, laos, thailand and india sustainable employment through lulan artisans, an organization producing hand-woven textiles. participating in the project gives the young woman new opportunities, keeping them from being involved in human trafficking. if funded, architecture for humanity will be involved in designing and building off-the-grid weaving centers. although all the projects are worthy of your nomination, cameron and eve would very much appreciate your help in moving ‘end human trafficking: sustainable livelihoods’ into the next round. but don’t worry, you can nominate more than one project.

help fund 'end human trafficking: sustainable livelihoods’