silk weaving

in march 2008 wichai lailawitmongkhol took designboom on a voyage of discovery in a tiny village of silk producers and weavers in north-east thailand. wichai is a professor at chulalongkorn university in bangkok where he is teaching in thefaculty of architecture.

for the past five years, wichai has also been teaching a group of women the techniques involved in the ancient art of silk making. the village ‘hong hae’ has around 60 families living in it. 10 of these families are currently involved in wichai’s project. wichai realized that revitalizing the crafts of dying and weaving silk can provide immense value to the families. by introducing new advanced skills to woman in the villages, wichai is providing a new means of employment. the extra income earned through the manufacturing of textiles helps improve their lives.

in the new article, we document the entire process of traditional silk making and will soon present to our readers a collection of hand-made silk scarves from this village, to support wichai’s work and the community’s welfare.

read the full article: ‘silk making in 6 steps’

'silk making in 6 steps' now online! wichai (center) and his two interns, nan (left) and pang (right)

'silk making in 6 steps' now online! silk dying

'silk making in 6 steps' now online! almost finished silk scarves