author: gerlinde schuller publisher: lars müller publishers year: 2009 size: 304 pages, 17 x 24 cm ISBN: 978-3-03778-149-4


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knowledge is power. if one possesses a collection of the ‘universal knowledge’ of the world, one has ultimate power. establishing comprehensive, global collections of knowledge already fascinated mankind thousands of years ago. today, modern communication and information technologies offer quick and prompt collecting, high memory capacities and wide-ranging access. globalization and the internet advance a mentality which moves away from the local and regional towards the international and universal.

content this encyclopedia is a research report exploring the meaning of ‘universal knowledge’ as well as the process of collecting, structuring, designing, and publishing it. designers and researchers from different fields have set standards for the classification and design of complex data collections and thus exerted an enormous influence on how knowledge is communicated. along with these aspects, the book also explores the possibilities of ‘universal design’ and presents new approaches to visualize complex information. schuller presents both historical and contemporary concepts of knowledge collection.

the book is a theoretical and design-related examination of the theme of knowledge collections. for the design of the book, a system was developed that links codes of encyclopedias, search engines, databases, and automatic DTP processes. the exclusive use of system fonts also resulted from the approach of commenting on the theme on the level of design.

is it for me? ‘designing universal knowledge’ is an interesting look at the concepts of knowledge. illustrated with vibrant visuals, descriptive diagrams and detailed images it will definitely get you thinking about your own knowledge collection. this book is truly for everyone.

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