the internet is currently awash with people debating whether or not ikea is to launch a new eco-friendly car called the ‘leko’. the hype stems from a french website where designer, christophe grozs explains the virtues of this new environmentally sound car.

the ‘leko’ is covered in a white sheet adorned with the ikea logo and URL above it is a live countdown to the supposed launch date: april the first. obviously this has lead many to believe that the whole thing is simply an elaborate april fools day joke.

yet, those showing more faith in potential release of an ikea car – note that the website bears the WWF logo and that france’s ‘sustainable development week’ also kicks off on april first.

the only ‘official’ word we can find comes from the guardian’s coverage of the ‘leko’, in a statement apparently from ikea france’s PR manager:

‘I can confirm is that ikea france has decided to support a new car system in line with its positioning: cheaper and more responsible than any other; allowing a dramatic reduction in your gas spending; built so it can adapt to the products you want to carry. but, no complementary information is supposed to be released before the launch…’

so is it a hoax or not? make up your own mind by visiting the leko webiste.