acrylic bags by ted noten
jewelry art reflects its day and age. artists may refer to a political or social background,
they may be rooted in fashion or arts. the high standards and stunning inventiveness
of its participants turned the international special show SCHMUCK into a renowned
show case for trends in jewellery art world wide.
we like the acrylic bags by dutch designer ted noten, created in 2004 -2007.
ted noten can be counted on for compelling, high-profile work
and he loves to stray from the beaten paths of jewellery design.
prior to that he worked with ceramics.
we remember his ‘chew your own brooch’, where gum could be chewed
into a one-off personal brooch to be cast in silver and gilded, and that
two years ago the police removed his piece ‘the pistol saints’ from
the stedelijk museum and had it shredded, claiming it was an illegal weapon….
acrylic bags by ted noten
acrylic bags by ted noten
at the 60th arts and crafts fair (handwerksmesse) in munich, germany
from 28th february until 5th march 2008 a presentation of ted noten’s book
CH2=C(CH3)C(=O)OCH3 enclosures and other TN’s‘ was held.
the book includes noten’s comments of pieces, diverse sections
(as notebook, review, interview or poetry, among others), as well as his works,
an atlas of his professional and private career, and a database.
acrylic bags by ted noten