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since he graduated from the RCA, london in 2006 the illustrator / fashion designer aitor throup’s intriguing work has been well documented. not only have most of the better-known fashion magazines closely monitored the young designer but his illustrations also seem to have won him plenty of fans. he describes his work as wearable characters. clothes with anatomy. fabric art.

aitor throup drawings of the collection ‘when football hooligans become hindu gods’, 2006

throup takes inspiration from military garments and football terrace favourites like C.P. company. his design process involves using tiny sculptures to create his patterns resulting in shapes that are one of a kind. his graduation collection entitled ‘when football hooligans become hindu gods’. is influenced by a story of a group of football hooligans who accidentally killed a hindu boy in a racist attack. the only way they could live with such tragedy was to honour the boy’s life by dedicating their lives to hinduism – by attempting to become hindu gods. throup produced several outfits that combined the look of clothing that is popular with hooligans and that of hindu gods.

aitor throup narasimha drawings, 2006

aitor throup shiva drawing and shiva outfit, 2006

aitor throup modular anatomy project  – collaboration with stone island, 2008

skip forward two years and throup now collaborates with one of the brands which informed his approach – stone island. the ‘modular anatomy’ project involves the construction of an ostensibly traditional down jacket pieced together in small parts using separate, individually filled cushion segments. throup’s design philosophy starts with the human form and allows the garment to evolve organically, a sort of building-block approach rather than a more conventional construction using sleeves, armholes and body panels. earlier this year wallpaper magazine featured a photo special on the project see it here. other current projects include the writing of his first graphic novel and his first film / animation project.

aitor throup lets dance illustration more

aitor throup: http://www.aitorthroup.com dazed and confused interview with aitor throup