beautiful antique antler chair, ca. 1870, from aspire auctions

antler chic contemporary antler furniture seen at galerie philippe jousse

a real stuffed deer head exudes personality like no other wall decoration. some people may find them creepy but

nature and safari themes continue to inspire and be reinterpreted. antler décor evolved into the style icon of the
year. here are just some of the many example of this aesthetic in action.

antler chic from the recent john galliano fashion collection

antler chic ‘my dirty deer’ t- shirt by designboom, limited edition of 99

antler chic antler charms by alex and chloe and reformdesign

antler chic antler baskets from countyryseat and karen baskets

antler chic jason miller‘s superordinate antler chandelier

antler chic antler chic antler bike by jenny nordberg

antler chic wallmounted ‘antlers’ coat hook by alex taylor from designboom‘s ICFF mart in 2005 (sold out at thorsten vanelten)

antler chic antler artwork by gordon chandler

antler chic artwork by marc swanson

antler chic

knitted antler artwork by elaine bradford

antler chic ‘pix-cell’ antler artwork by kohei nawa

antler chic a diploma work at the ECAL by geoffrey cottenceau

antler chic antler fly