denim – the fabric of our lives
june 28, 2008 – september 1, 2008
the hub national centre for craft and design
sleaford, england

'denim   the fabric of our lives' exhibition
customized pair of levi jeans from 1986 using print and biro
image courtesy of nottingham museum of costume (photography by phil cosker)

in its short history denim has become the universal fabric of the world. more than any other textile,
denim has played an important role in almost every facet of fashion but it has also had an
immense impact on society and culture.

‘denim – the fabric of your lives’ is a gallery exhibition that will include, garments, both historical
and contemporary, as well as samples of film, television, photography and print.
these pieces have been collected from museums, vintage fashion collectors and through visitor donations.
in addition to providing exhibition material, the centre’s visitors also contributed dialogue to the show
to demonstrate the universal impact of denim. organizers hope to communicate the fact that
‘denim is indeed more than just a fabric!’

'denim   the fabric of our lives' exhibition
evi jacket customised by ‘sign of the times’, london & man’s customised denim wrangler jacket, 1970
© the hub national centre for craft & design