The most prestigious international competition for experiential graphic design.

Since 1987, the SEGD Global Design Awards have set the standard of excellence for experiential graphic design—honoring designs that make space for connection, create moments of exhilaration, build experiences with emotion, and help people find their way. Recognizing the best of the best in design that connects people to place, this award celebrates design that inspires and improves the human experience for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

This year, a multi-disciplinary jury will evaluate projects based on their effectiveness in connecting people to place, creating unique and memorable user experiences, and solving design challenges. Design award categories include Digital Experience Content, Exhibition Design, Interactive Experience, Placemaking & Identity, Public Installation, Strategy/Research/Planning, and Wayfinding.

The 2021 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Chair is Dayton Schroeter, Design Principal AIA at SmithGroup Architects in Washington, DC. In addition, eight other jurors will review and select the Award winning projects, including: Chris Calori, Founder, Entro/CVEDesign (New York, NY); Leticia Barajas, Studio Director, Nike (Portland, OR); Tanja Zollner, Concept Designer, Atelier Brukner (Stuttgart, Germany); Traci Sym, Founder, Plus & Greater Than (Portland, OR); Waqas Jawaid, Partner, Isometric Studio (New York, NY); and Bhawika Mishra, Graduate Student, FIT (New York, NY).

SEGD Global Design Award-winning projects receive significant international publicity and exposure through the website, publication in the SEGD Design Annual, shared through social media, and featured in articles and thought leadership opportunities throughout the year. Hundreds of entries are submitted from throughout the world. The winning projects represent the pinnacle of experiential graphic design, and the most celebrated and referenced experiences throughout the world.


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