The NY Architectural Design Awards recognizes the world’s greatest architectural designs, while celebrating the truly extraordinary designs that shape skylines, communities and living spaces from the past, present, and future. This is where you put up a challenge for conventional ideas, through a global platform that transforms your innovation, creativity, and vision into a grander scheme of brilliance and achievements.

The award extends its invitation to global architects, and every designer / student who are inspired to diversify the keystones of success in interior design, urban design and planning, as well as conceptual designs, honoring established or emerging individuals on a global design community of excellence.

The NY Architectural Design Awards categories include Commercial Architecture, Residential Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Innovative Architecture, Conceptual Design, Urban Design and Planning, and many more.

The NY Architectural Design Awards accepts entries from Design Professionals, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Urban Planners, Design Innovators, Renovators, Design Firms, Design Agencies, Freelance Professionals, Organizations, Students and anyone aged 18 and above residing anywhere in the world.

Submission Requirement:
Entries must be produced within the last FIVE (5) calendar years up through the final deadline.
All entries must be submitted for judging exactly as published or implemented and may not be modified for the competition. The NY Architectural Design Awards may request proof of initial production and/or publication date.
The awards reserve the right to re-categorize incorrectly classified entries.
Judges reserve the right to withhold an award in a category if submissions do not meet their expectations.

Entry Brief:
We recommend each synopsis to be kept at approximately 350 words. Do utilize this section to elaborate on the piece as well as providing the jury with a better understanding of your subject. A written translation or adaptation must accompany non-English entries.

Image Submission:

The submissions should be saved in a flattened JPEG or JPG format. (keep them under 4MB, 1,200px wide is preferable, 300dpi, RGB).

Audio/Video Submission:

Upload video/audio to Vimeo/YouTube/Youku or any other related platforms.
Paste the URL link into the URL field.

Entries with audio/videos must be submitted with a direct URL that will take judges directly to the work. If it is password-protected, you must provide a username and password for judging purposes. Web Videos entered are judged solely on the content provided. Upload a PDF brief if explanation is required before evaluations of the work.

2024 Entry Deadline & Fees:
Early Bird: May 15 - Jun 20, 2024 ($199)
Regular: Jun 21 - Jul 17, 2024 ($209)
Final: Jul 18 - Aug 21, 2024 ($229)
Final Extension: Aug 22 - Sep 18, 2024 ($239)
Last Minute: Sep 19 - Oct 23, 2024 ($239)

Winning Level:
There are TWO (2) levels of achievement in the competition:

Design of the Year
(Only ONE highest score point from each category will be recognized as Residential Architecture / Commercial Architecture / Institutional Architecture / Cultural Architecture / Urban Design and Planning / Interior Design / Landscape Architecture / Innovative Architecture / Historical Preservation and Renovation / Conceptual Design / Student Design of the Year.)
Gold Winner (85 - 100 points)
Silver Winner (60 - 84 points)

Judging is blind. All entrant information is removed from entries to prevent bias/conflict of interest.

The prestige of the NY Awards competition relies in large part on the high caliber of the juries that convene each year to review submissions. NY Architectural Design Awards has made a special effort to find a suitable panel of judges whose works exemplify the qualities of a true design professional. The jury panel comprises experienced professionals in their field and industry, including a group of esteemed individuals leading the realms of architecture, interior design, urban planning, and sustainable development, who exemplify diversity in professional experience, geography, gender, and ethnicity. All judges are selected based on experience, availability and credibility to their respective industry.

Evaluation Criteria:
Individual criteria differ by category, but the emphasis is on the overall quality of the entry: the merits of the entry, relative to the judges' experience and the claims in other entries, as well as the quality of the entry's narrative itself.

Judges score on a scale of 1-100, based on the below criteria:

Creativity / Originality / Concept / Idea
Content / Brief / Objective / Planning / Execution
Innovation / Technology
Quality / Functionality / Sustainability
Overall Impression / Wow! Factor / Memorable

Results Announcement:
All Season 2 winners for 2024 will be announced on November 8, 2024 via NY Architectural Design Awards official page. All registered participants can then login to see the winning works.

The Design of the Year winners receive a complimentary Ava Statuette and an exclusive winner certificate.
One professionally designed certificate commemorating the winning entry, which includes entry title, entering company/winners' name and category. Decal will be affixed indicating the level of win.
Gold winners will be featured on NY Architectural Design Awards site's Gallery, where professionals can view your work.
A press release template sent to major industry outlets, celebrating your win.
Professionally designed logos for use on websites, in email signatures, etc.
In addition to the complimentary certificates, Gold and Silver winners may purchase futuristic NY Awards statuettes, and/or additional customized certificates.
Gold winners will get featured on social media or our media partner on Muse.World’s website.

2024 NY Architectural Design Awards is calling for entries now. Join us and be acknowledged for diversity and creativity that shapes the innovative blueprints of the world.

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