aed neuland 2021 aed neuland 2021

aed neuland 2021

Conditions of participation

1. General Information

The neuland sponsorship award, a competition for up-and-coming designers, is organised by the aed and supported by the Karl Schlecht Foundation. Students and graduates from universities of applied sciences, academies and universities who are not older than 28 years at the closing date are eligible to participate.The competition shall serve as a platform for especially talented young people in the field of design. The aim is to promote innovative and sustainable design that is characterised by the greatest possible economic and ecological quality while being functional, user-friendly and meeting the highest aesthetic requirements. Human beings and the design’s benefits to society shall always be at the centre of the creation. The neuland competition for up-and-coming designers is consciously interdisciplinary. Participation is not restricted to special fields or universities. The aim of the competition is to actively promote outstanding young designers at the beginning of their careers. At the same time, the winning submissions shall be presented in order to give the general public an insight into the breadth and range of design out there. The competition and its organisers are in no way motivated by profit. The competition is solely committed to the public good.

2 . Award

In each of the five award categories there is a gold award winner; they receive prize money in the amount of 2,000 euros. Additionally, there are up to four silver award winners per category as well as five recognitions. The award winners and the recognitions will be made public at the start of July 2021. The award winners for each category will be presented with the corresponding jury statements at The students can thus already present first achievements from contests in their applications with links to the aed neuland website. Interested members of the public can also get an insight into the wide variety of creative thinking of young designers with the online presentations of the awarded projects.

3. Categories

The aed's neuland award will include the following categories in 2021:

Architecture + Engineering
Exhibition Design + Interior Design
Product Design
Communication Design
Interaction Design

4. Selection Criteria

The works submitted will be evaluated using the following criteria:

functionality/usefulness/user guidance
technical feasibility
economic recoverability
interdisciplinary approach
quality of presentation
technical and functional innovation
consideration of sustainability aspects


5. Jury

An independent jury decides who will receive the neuland sponsorship award. The jury’s meetings are not open to the public. The jury decides with a simple majority of votes. The decision is incontestable. The jury’s decision is final.

The jury is made up of:

Olaf Barski, Barski Design, Industrial Designer
Kai Bierich, Architect
Lutz Dietzold, German Design Council, Managing Director
Dina Gallo, TRUMPF, Head of Design Management
Brigida González, Architectural Photographer
Ben Kauffmann, KTP Architekten, Architect
Moritz Kemper, Phoenix Design, UX/UI Principal Designer
Dr. Petra Kiedaisch, avedition, Managing Director
Nils Holger Moormann, Designer, Managing Director
Stephan Ott, Institute for Design Research and Appliance, Director
Johanna Neves Pimenta, md, Deputy Chief Editor
Peter Scheerer, Communication Designer & SEO
Dr. Katrin Schlecht, Karl Schlecht Foundation, Board
Prof. Werner Sobek, ILEK, Engineer/Architect
Prof. Jürgen Späth, Interaction Designer
Linda Stannieder, Huawei, Chief Experience Officer
Petra Stephan, AIT, Editor-in-Chief
Joachim Stumpp, raumprobe, Managing Director, Architect
Prof. Andreas Uebele, Communication Designer



6. Organiser and sponsor

The aed is an initiative founded by Stuttgart-based engineers, architects and designers. [ ] It is based on the insight that the Stuttgart region has a high design competency in a vast variety of disciplines. The aed wants to anchor this competency in general awareness and work as an all-encompassing institution to foster it. The aed serves as the broker and engine for the communication of good design. The Karl Schlecht Foundation is a foundation for the common good focusing on ‘Good Leadership’. Its vision is the improvement of leadership in business and society through humanistic values. Based on this, it fosters the integral, value-based personality development of young people and up-and-coming executives. In conjunction with this it supports effect oriented projects and institutions in the four disciplines ‘Continued Ethical Education’, ‘Leadership Education’, ‘Entrepreneurship Education’ and ‘Cultural Education.’ It currently supports around 100 third party and own projects with annual funding of around 8 million euros. The Karl Schlecht Foundation, which is based in Aichtal and operates an office in Berlin, was established by Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht in October 1998. The donor is the founder of the concrete pump manufacturer, Putzmeister.

7. Cost

There is no fee for participating in the neuland competition.

8. Documents to Submit

Applicants have to register their projects at: Each piece submitted requires a separate registration. Each application has to be presented on a maximum of ten pages. Please indicate the following details on the cover page: name, address, university, work title and selected category. This presentation has to be submitted as a PC-readable PDF file with a maximum size of 10 MB at: Links to films or websites to give more information on the project can also be included. Submitting other files or models etc. is not required.

9. Prerequisites for Participating

Students and graduates from universities of applied sciences, academies and universities who are not older than 28 years at the deadline (31 March 2021) are eligible to participate. Pieces submitted for a degree as well as seminar work and free work can be entered.

10. Dates

Deadline: 31 March 2021

Jury session: Early May 2021

Publication of winners: Early July 2021

11. Contact:

aed e.V.

Lautenschlagerstrasse 23a

70173 Stuttgart/Germany

Candida Allen

Silvia Olp

Phone: +49-160-8 89 43 77

[email protected]




cash prize award: $ 12,000.00 USD

click here for call for entries
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