Classics the Small Luxury is based on the concept of "close luxury on the palm"2003I got up in the year. Mother1879Founded Blooming Technical and techniques that have been inherited by utilizing the know -how cultivated by Nakanishi. And it is a specialty store of a handkerchief that creates original designs for each season by combining modern sensitivity.

A long time ago18Europe of the century. It seems that the handkerchief was used as a gift of aristocrats and gifts for love. In all times, a handkerchief was a thing that had been close to the special scenes of people and everyday life.

Various events that happen in this world, such as happy, sad, fun, are with various tears of people.

Sometimes switch your feelings. Tell your thoughts.

We believe that handkerchiefs have their thoughts. And it will be a special gift for someone.

2022Year11Moon3From the day3The "time"Clasics the Small Luxury Design Award]. The theme this time is "this world with various tears." Draw a piece you think.

1. Application period

2022Thursday, November 3rd year~ 2022 (Saturday) (Japan time)

2. Award

Grand Prix

・ Award money 100,000 yen (about US $ 674)
・ Design commercialization, sold at directly managed stores.

Semi -grand prix

・ Prize money 30,000 yen (about US $ 202)
・ Collecting design,Sold at directly managed stores.

*The prize money will be paid for deducted taxes such as withholding tax and special reconstruction income tax.
*The amount displayed in the dollar is the amount calculated at the time of publication. The prize money is calculated based on the exchange rate at the time of payment, from the amount displayed in Japanese yen.(In the case of application from outside Japan)

3. Theme

"This world with various tears"


cash prize award: $ 674.00 USD