Archstorming, in partnership with the NGO Fundación Vicente Ferrer (FVF) and its local partner Rural Development Trust (RDT), is launching a competition to create a versatile Community Center prototype for rural communities in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Since 1969, these NGOs have dedicated efforts to transform the impoverished regions of southern India. This competition focuses on a key part of FVF-RDT’s mission: the construction of community centers to enhance community cohesion and facilitate collective decision-making.

The first Community Center, arising from this competition, will be constructed in Kodidoddi, a remote village in Andhra Pradesh lacking essential facilities. Currently, the community gathers under a tree for lack of a better meeting place, with no adequate venue for educational programs or space for young mothers' basic needs. This project aims to fill these gaps, linking Kodidoddi to the broader world through a center that promotes learning, gathering, and empowerment.

· The challenge ·

The competition's goal is to develop a replicable Community Center prototype adaptable to the specific needs of various villages. The design should include a fixed core structure that encapsulates essential community spaces, with flexibility for optional elements tailored to each village's unique requirements and priorities.

Emphasis on modularity will enable the incorporation of these optional components as community needs evolve or as additional funds become available.
The prototype must serve the community effectively, emphasizing durability, ease of maintenance, and construction simplicity to accommodate local building practices. At the same time, innovative construction methods are encouraged to enhance sustainability and functionality.

· Prizes ·

1st place: 6,000€ + Project Construction
2nd place: 2,000€
3rd place: 1,000€
2x Special Honorable Mention: 500€
10x Honorable Mentions
Winning projects and finalists will be published in magazines, blogs, architecture websites, and Archstorming's social media and website. Digital participation certificates provided to all contestants.

· Schedule ·

March 7th - April 4th, 2024: Early Registration Period
April 5th - May 1st, 2024: Regular Registration Period
May 2nd - May 29th, 2024: Advanced Registration Period
May 30th - June 19th, 2024: Late Registration Period
June 19th, 2024: Submission Deadline
June 19th, 2024 – July 10th, 2024: Jury decision
July 10th, 2024: Winners Announced

Registrations are open. Get all the information on our website.


cash prize award: $ 11,000.00 USD