Design Presentation Competition Design Presentation Competition

Design Presentation Competition

We all know strong presentation skills are an incredibly important part of being a designer and architect. It doesn't matter whether you design objects for individuals or skyscrapers in New York City; the ability to present your work with confidence is essential. So then the question arises, "Why are presentation skills so poorly taught in school and largely undeveloped in professional life?"

Could it be that we are afraid to put ourselves out there, experiment, make mistakes, and thereby improve? Without the chance to learn and practice we think, "Well, I'm not a good public speaker." It becomes tempting and easy to never practice, never share, and inadvertently hurt your career.

What would you do if you could present anything with confidence? What if you could explain your vision for your concept in a few minutes and have the listener go, "Wow, that's amazing." The question then becomes, how can you progress towards that future, today?

This brings us to the Design Presentation Competition.

This is your challenge, deliver an inspiring 3-5 minute presentation of a design you've created. To showcase your efforts, you'll be recording your presentation to submit for award consideration.

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cash prize award: $ 1,000.00 USD

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