Next Move is a global design contest organized and held by ENVO Drive, aiming to design the next generation of sustainable personal transportation. The objective is to encourage leading minds to shape the future of the electric personal transport industry in various contexts of use, ranging from navigating the city to exploring nature.

-- About ENVO:
ENVO Drive Systems Inc. (“ENVO”) is an innovative engineering company focusing on evolving electric mobility to offset the impact of fossil fuels on our planet. ENVO focuses on making a difference in all communities by offering innovative, well-engineered, easy-to-maintain, modern, and reasonably priced electric micro-mobility solutions. Over 12,000 riders in the ENVO community collectively save over 85 million kgs of CO2 annually by opting for clean energy instead of fossil fuels. The adoption of alternative fuel vehicles continues to increase in popularity – this global movement has become one of the primary drivers of cleaner air and reduced greenhouse emissions. ENVO is committed to the electric evolution with a passion for sustainably engineered, future-proof mobility solutions.

-- Who is eligible to participate:
We want visionary and creative minds keen to shape the micro-mobility future to participate in the contest. No professional qualifications are required. To be eligible to participate, the following rules must be followed:
• Participants must be at least 19 years old.
• ENVO employees and people with direct personal or professional relationships with jury panel members or organizers may not participate in this competition.
• Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams of a maximum of four.
• Whether entering as an individual or a team, participants must ensure the originality and ownership of their submissions.
• In the case of joining as a team, all members will have equal ownership of the submission.
• Each individual or team may enter the competition with a maximum of one submission per category.
• Once a participant joins the competition as a team member, the participant cannot submit another entry as an individual or as a member of another team.
• Once a participant joins the competition as an individual, the participant cannot submit another entry as a team member.
• ENVO reserves the right to remove a submission for the competition without prior notice if the rules are not followed.

-- How to Enter:
To join the challenge, individuals or teams must register and upload their designs in the format described below at ENVO's website (link under the page). ENVO will review the submissions, and 50 entries will proceed to the next round. To develop these entries further, selected participants will be supported by a team of mobility experts over three weeks. In the final stage, the jury will choose three projects as the competition’s winners.
• Designs must be submitted in JPG format.
• Each submission must match the following requirements:
a) It should visualize the concept.
b) It must include a maximum 300 words text description that explains why the proposed design fits the evaluation criteria.
c) The ENVO logo must be visible in the file.
d) The file should be in B2 size (50 × 70 cm), landscape with 300dpi resolution. Please note that a single JPG file upload is allowed.

-- Structure of the Competition
The main idea behind the challenge is to go beyond a conventional design contest. ENVO would like to see this initiative as a part of its distributed innovation strategy. To achieve this goal following measures have been taken into account:
• The selection criteria and design briefs represent detailed requirements for feasible and viable designs.
• After the first round of competition, 50 designs from all categories are selected to proceed to the second round.
• Through the competition, public and private webinars will be milestones for exchanging tacit and explicit knowledge and supporting mindful designs with impact. Public webinars are open to everyone interested in the topic, and private webinars are open to those who proceed from the first round.
• Teams and individuals behind the 50 designs mentioned above will receive mentoring and support from the ENVO technical team to improve the feasibility of the designs.
• ENVO seeks opportunities to turn designs into working prototypes and even mass-produced products. In such cases, ENVO will negotiate conditions with participants.
• In the final stage, the jury will select and announce the three final winners of the competition, who will receive cash prizes of 10,000 CAD. More details can be seen in the Prizes section.

-- Golden Buzzer
The jury will closely follow all submissions from the beginning. If the Jury realizes that a design has an extraordinary potential for creating a viable and innovative product, the Golden Buzzer option may be used. In this case, ENVO will negotiate the possibility of transfer of the ownership rights, prototyping, or mass production of the design with the participant(s) regardless of the timeline and procedure of the competition. This option can be used only once during the competition. The selected participant from Golden Buzzer will be considered the competition's winner and receive the prize associated with the first position.

-- Timeline
• Submissions are OPEN from October 11th, 2022, until December 11th, 2022
• Submissions must be received via the online entry system by 11:59 PM PST ON December 11th, 2022.
• There will be no extensions.

-- Categories
Each submission must be submitted in one of the following categories considering the specified design requirements for each category.

• Snow Electric Mobility Solution
• Water Micro Electric Mobility Solution
• All-Terrain Electric Platform
• Weather Protected Electric Bike/Trike (Velomobile)
• The cutting-edge micro-mobility solution of the future. (Do you have an impressive micro-mobility solution that does not fit the above categories? There is still an opportunity for you to join the challenge with an innovative yet feasible design)

-- Evaluation Criteria
• Technology Feasibility and Vision
• Innovative Yet Simple
• Social Awareness
• Sustainability
• Business Viability

-- Juries
ENVO is committed to selecting the most qualified industry professionals to comprise its jury panel. Jury members consist of designers, micro-mobility experts, and professionals from other professional backgrounds relevant to the competition topic to guarantee the most objective competition results.


cash prize award: $ 15,000.00 USD