Feeel Design World Prize 2023-2024, award for designers and creative people who build material environment has been recently announced for entries!

Feeel Design company, together with an international team of professionals, has created a platform for the implementation of bold design ideas with the use of natural materials. They aim to create small series and individual items that will not break, won’t be thrown away, and will last for decades, pleasing the owner’s eye. In this competition They strive to get away from fashion, trends, move beyond marketing and get back to artistic design, which is object design in fact.

Organiser wants to break out of the fast fashion world and create elegant haute couture sets for those who can appreciate it. At the same time, they’ll discover some new bright names to the world of interior and industrial design.

The specified product / item must belong to one of the categories listed:

Chill & relax

Interior design:
Contemporary interiors
Classic interiors

Prize of the Industry:

Architectural product:
Partitions & screens
Shelves & wine holders

Park & garden
Textile & carpets

Pure metal

Prize of the Industry:

AI Generated Design

Product design:
Interior design

In Interior Design category you can submit projects implemented in 2018 or later. Publication in the media and participation in other competitions is not an obstacle to submitting in this case.

An experienced jury of architects, designers, production specialists, experts, leading figures in architecture and design media will rate each participant in the following aspects:

➜ Unlocking the potential of natural materials
➜ Aesthetics of the product
➜ Potential production technologies (in selected categories)
➜ Originality of the product
➜ Potential longevity

Who may enter?
The competition is open to individuals, private designers, creative associations and companies that have exclusive copyright for the product / item / image that they would like to submit to participate.

The main prize is a prototype, but there is more!

A jury will select the winning products in each category and those to be awarded as the “Feeel Design World Prize 2023/24 Winner”.

In each category, in addition to the honorary categories, the following awards are determined:

➜ The honorable third place – an award and a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.
➜ An honorable second place – an award and a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.
➜ First place – an award, a commemorative diploma. Other additional awards.

There is also a Grand Prix competition award for the best project.

All winners of all categories, except for honorary categories and interior categories, will be considered by Feeel Design and special partners of the award as a potential designer of serial products with the possibility of making a contact.

Entry fees:
➜ Early entry until 10 February 2024: 70 USD per project
➜ Standard entry until 01 May 2024: 100 USD per project
➜ Late entry until 15 July 2024: 130 USD per project

There are reduced rates for individuals, young specialists and students.