Feeel Design World Prize is an international competition for object and interior design.

A great opportunity for young professionals to prove themselves, and for well-known bureaus and companies to show their high-profile projects.

Consumption today, due to numerous crisis events, is returning to the formula “I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things”, and customers, choosing intently, increasingly stop at high-quality solid things.

Canadian Feeel Design company creates products “for the ages”, inspired by rich local traditions and the echo of the Arts and Crafts movement, and relying primarily on metal as the main material.

Projects for competition are accepted in 5 big categories:

1. Furniture (serial / collection / for recreation);
2. Interior design (modern / classic / HoReCa / office);
3. Architectural product (partitions and screens / holders and racks for bottles);
4. Object design (lamps / arbitrary objects / frames / projects for parks and gardens / textiles and carpets / projects for animals);
5. Metal art (metal art products).

In addition, a special annual "Prize of the Industry" is awarded for significant achievements in the design industry.

The jury includes such internationally recognized design stars as Karim Rashid, Arik Levy, Fabio Novembre, Thomas Pheasant, Alain Gilles, Nina Takesh and other well-known designers.

The main prize is the production of a full-size prototype of individual winning products.
All prize-winners receive an one-of-a-kind metal trophy and publication in the contest catalog, and most importantly, confirmation of the high level of their projects by a professional international jury.

Deadline: April 10th 2023

Looking forward to see you among the participants!