The renowned 3C Awards Group is pleased to announce the official launch of its new and highly anticipated initiative, the FIT Sport Design Awards.

The FIT Awards is the most comprehensive design competition dedicated to sports goods and apparel, integrating creativity, innovation, and performance. Accepting entries until December 18, 2022, sportswear and sports equipment designers, manufacturers, textile experts, distributors, and visionaries are invited to submit their works.

The FIT Sport Design Awards are looking for ground-breaking sports innovations, sustainable products, and performance-enhancing solutions, that provide comfort for athletes or everyday players. The program is an inclusive platform, with sports specifics categories ranging from cycling, urban sports and mountaineering, to fitness and sailing, and dedicated categories for textiles, e-sports, gadgets, and innovation.

“The program will put the spotlight on all designers creating unique sporting goods, looking at innovation, performance, recycling & upcycling in an industry where brands are cautious of their environmental impact,” said Astrid Hébert – Founder of FIT Sport Design Awards; adding that “We are passionate about providing a platform where emerging designers will be able to present their graduation product design to industry leaders. Having an expert's eyes on their work will be a career booster!”

The 2022 jury panel, composed of high-profile sports design experts, product directors, academics, and media representatives, will select the winners in each category in December 2022. Jurors include Chris McGrath, Vice President, Global Footwear Design and Development for Timberland, Tom Rushbrook, Founder and Creative Catalyst at Tangbl Works; Cheresse Thornhill-Goldson, Design Director, S.E.E.D - School for Experiential Education in Design at Adidas, and Hortense Carlier, Global Merchandising Director for Icebreaker.

Their task and challenge are to award the submitted applications and find the next rising star in the sports design industry!


The apparel and/or gear design must have been completed within the last 5 years, we accept drawings/3D concepts, prototypes, or already launched products.
Provide a brief description of the design, emphasizing the product’s function, benefit, and innovation.
Provide a Designer/Student and/or Company Profile/University.
Give names of those who should be credited for the product design: company, designer, photo credit, drawing, manufacturer, distributor, collaborator, mentor, professor etc.
Up to 10 images of your product design, including an optional company logo.
Product Specification PDF (Spec sheet can also be included for implementation or manufacturing details used in the design) – this will not be published, only used by the jury.
A video link presenting the apparel and/or product design, usage, innovation, etc.

The FIT Sport Design Awards competition is open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world. Professional entries (Companies, brands, Independent Designers) will be judged against other professionals and student entries against other students.

Company/Brand: CHF 250 incl. VAT ( approx: US$270)
Same entry in additional categories at a 50% discount

Independent Designer: CHF 100 incl. VAT ( approx: US$107)
Same entry in additional categories at a 50% discount

Student: CHF 50 incl. VAT ( approx: US$54)
Same entry in additional categories at a 50% discount

15% Early Bird discount until 31st of July 2022
10% Extended Early Bird discount until 11th of September 2022
Regular Deadline: October 31st, 2022
Final Deadline: November 30th, 2022 then a 10% late fee will apply till the 18th of December 2022. The Program will close on December 18th, 2022.


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