HOPE Dental Cente Rwanda Clinic and Training Institute HOPE Dental Cente Rwanda Clinic and Training Institute

HOPE Dental Cente Rwanda Clinic and Training Institute

· introduction ·

Archstorming is collaborating in this new competition with His Hands on Africa. a non-profit organization born in 2016 that wants to address the lack of dental services by equipping communities to achieve sustainability with dignity. The chosen location is Rwanda, a small country in the heart of Africa.

In Rwanda, 18% of morbidity cases are directly linked to treatable oral diseases that are easily preventable and curable, with access to basic dental care and education, according to the 2016 reports by the Rwandan District Hospital. Rwanda currently has 48 dentists in a country with a population of almost 12 million people, which translates to about one dentist for every 250,000 potential patients. By comparison, the United States has approximately 1 dentist per every 1,600 patients. Despite major efforts to rebuild the nation, the statistics remain in despair and the need for more dental care professionals is greater than ever.

· challenge ·

In the current competition, we will help HHOA build a Dental Clinic and Training Institute in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The winning proposal will be built.
The HOPE Dental Center will operate a world-class dental clinic in the Kacyiru sector of the capital city, Kigali. It will be the foundation of HHOA’s vision for a sustainable dental care system in Rwanda. The clinic will be equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology and managed with efficiency to provide an unmatched patient experience.
Also, part of HHOA’s mission is to raise up dentists through education and discipleship and send them out to serve their communities with love, compassion and integrity. In addition to the dental clinic itself, the HOPE Dental Center will include a modern training institute and dental laboratory where local dentists will receive advanced dental training.

· prizes ·

1st place - 6.000€ + PROJECT CONSTRUCTION
2nd place - 2.000€
3rd place - 1.000€
2x Special Honorable Mention - 500€
10x Honorable Mentions

· schedule ·

November 6, 2019 – December 11, 2019: EARLY REGISTRATION PERIOD
December 12, 2019 – January 15, 2020: REGULAR REGISTRATION PERIOD
January 16, 2020 – February 12, 2020: ADVANCED REGISTRATION PERIOD
February 13, 2020 – March 6, 2020: LATE REGISTRATION PERIOD


cash prize award: $ 11,200.00 USD

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