International Design Competition for Library ; SONGDO International City South Korea International Design Competition for Library ; SONGDO International City South Korea

International Design Competition for Library ; SONGDO International City South Korea

Competition Descriptions:
1) Site Address: # 115-2, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon (in Songdo International City), S. Korea
2) Zoning District: 2nd General Residential District, 1st District Unit Plan Area (in an International Business Complex), Intensive Landscape Management Zone
3) Site Size: 9,427.4㎡
4) Required Total Floor Area: 8,000㎡(allowable within ±3% )
5) Estimated Construction Cost: 24.973 billion KRW( 20.81 million us dollars /1 us dollar =1,200 KRW)
6) Estimated Design Fee: 1,546 million KRW ( 1.288 million us dollars/1 us dollar =1,200 KRW)
7) Competition Period: November 25(Wed.), 2020 ~ March 02, 2021
8) Design Period: 11 months after signing a design contract

1) This design competition aims to obtain creative and sophisticated design works with an international sense to establish 「The Library of SONGDO International City」 as an intellectual and cultural symbol of the Songdo citizens for progressing as an international city.

2) The purpose is to re-organize to be an sustainable culture space with publicity as well as a local identification, and not just an independent structure, that is based on creative ideas for a spatial challenge as its location feature and as a library through understanding the urban and architectural context of IFEZ(Incheon Free Economic Zone) Songdo International City.

Public Library (open to all/ International)

1) City view that puts together the local architecture, urban history and future
2) Spatial and urban engagement and expandability as a complex cultural space
3) Securing the optimal design quality through integrated designing
4) Facility planning for everyone
5) Design to create pleasant environments and reasonable(sustainable) energy uses

1) For Korean architects, it shall be an architect, completing the business registration and running the business pursuant to the 「Certified Architects Act)」 of Korea as of the date of the notification and the architect shall be running an architectural business with no cause of disqualification pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations.
2) In the case of foreign architects, they shall be a qualified architect according to the laws of their countries by the time of the announcement date, and if winning, they will be able to conclude a service contract only if they have formed a joint body with a qualified Korean architect according to the related laws.

1) Announcement: November 25, 2020
2) Registration: Nov. 25(Wed) ~ Dec. 31(Thur), 2020
3)Entry Submission: February 22, 2021
4)Main Jury: February 26-27, 2021
5) Result Announcement: Mar. 2 (Tue), 2021


1 John Enright USA Griffin Enright Architects, Principal
2 Louis Becker Denmark Henning Larsen, Partner & Design Principal
3 Robert Greenwood UK Snohetta, Partner
4 Lim, Jae Y. Korea OCA(Office of Contemporary Architecture), Principal
5 Lee, Eun-Seok Korea Kyunghee University,Professor
6 Lim, Jong Yup Preliminary Jury, Korea Inha University, Professor


cash prize award: $ 85,000.00 USD

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