K-Design Award 2020 K-Design Award 2020

K-Design Award 2020

- Competition Brief
This award breaks away from formative simplicity and complexity and grants true value on the potentials of creativity into products as well as outstanding ideas which are specified with outstanding design. With this aim in mind, we are anticipating different works, which consist of the best idea sandare created by designers, companies, design organizations, and design studios, that are constructed into exceptional forms of design.

The most significant value of K-Design Award is to provide the most convenient, accurate, and valuable design screening in the world based on judging system not on personal competences of evaluators. We think fairness is most important. For it, In the screening, we do not reveal personal information such as nationality, organization, and name. Interviewers in the first screening are excluded from the second screening.

The final screening is conducted as the same way in the first screening. Around 11% of entries are selected as final winners. The percentage of result matching with other evaluators is automatically calculated and information is conveyed to all the evaluators. It makes it more focused on judging.

- Schedule
Early : April 06 - May 07, 2020
Standard : May 08 - June 25, 2020

- Qualification for Submission
Everyone around the world can participate

- Categories

- Evaluation Criteria

- Jury (36 judges from 10 countries)
Prof. Ken Nah, IDAS. Hongik University
Prof. Andy Law, Rhode Island School of Design
Prof. Andrea Ruggiero, Parsons School of Design
Prof. Shingo Ando, Kyoto Arts and Crafts University
Prof. Yoshimaru Takahashi, Osaka University of Arts
Prof. Fan Shengxi, Tongji Universtiy
Prof. Hans Tan, National University of Singapore
Co-Founder. Myungsup Shin, Plus-X
Chief Designer. Deokhee Jeong, Adaption
Director. Tetsuya Matsumoto, KTX archiLAB
Director. An Luo, TEAMS Design
Mobility Designer. Bora Yu, NISSAN CREATIVE BOX
Design Lead. Soo Yun Kim, IBM
Design Manager. Nayoung Kim, YELP
Senior Designer. Joon Kim, ADOBE
Design Lead. Minseung Song, WhatsApp
Design Lead. Sehwan Park, EBAY
Industrial Designer. Youngwoo Choi, Google


cash prize award: $ 0.00 USD

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