K-Design Award 2021


This award breaks away from formative simplicity and complexity and grants true value on the potentials of creativity into products as well as outstanding ideas which are specified with outstanding design. With this aim in mind, we are anticipating different works, which consist of the best idea sandare created by designers, companies, design organizations, and design studios, that are constructed into exceptional forms of design.

The most significant value of K-Design Award is to provide the most convenient, accurate, and valuable design screening in the world based on judging system not on personal competences of evaluators. The judging committee consists of competent and experienced teaching staffs and directors. This was intended to secure fairness under the dimensions of K-Design Award in addition to provide highly reliable selective standard through experts of various fields, in terms of theories and practical experiences.

K-Design Award come up with distinguished standards to classify well-constructed ideas with works which are not produced in this fashion while screening is conducted by experts to provide a starting point of benefits of design and designers which face the competitive market. K-Design Award places emphasis on the values of the actual market and is based upon the evaluation of currently active experts, who hold global visual sense, as we anticipate the most professional design concept.


cash prize award: $ 0.00 USD

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