The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is an international competition for user-centric design, where the best of the best are actually turned into products for the consumer market.



The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD will be the 17th time the competition is held since its founding in 2002, and many of the winning designs have gone on to become successful products. There was a total of 1,289 submitted entries for the previous competition (16th), and with over 40% of the entries submitted from countries other than Japan, it has truly grown as an international product design competition.


The theme for this competition is “♡”.
We have deliberately not defined the reading of “♡”. How to read and interpret this symbol is completely up to the applicant to decide. We would like you to allow your imagination to flow as freely as possible as you think about the expectations contained within “♡”.

The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD has been seeking designs that create new value for KOKUYO and society as a whole ever since its founding. Although we have focused on carefully providing stories and scenes in recent years especially, we have decided to set the theme as “♡” this year in order to promote the creativity and inspiration of the applicants above all else. We hope to see more flexible and bolder designs this year compared to previous years. We look forward to seeing the amazing, intuitive and inspiring works that will transform what we thought of as “normal” in this world.

“Any stationery, furniture or tool used in working, learning and living scenes” are eligible. As all tools used in everyday life are eligible, and not just stationery and furniture which are KOKUYO’s main product categories, we expect more flexible ideas.


More information will be released in successive stages on the Kokuyo Design Award website.


—The main application guidelines for the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2020


1. Theme: ♡
How would you read this theme?
Love, passion, bonds, cuteness,
hope, attachment, feelings, life.
An idea to transform
and lighten up this world.
A design that moves your heart
the moment you see it, the moment you touch it.
What is ♡?
Try giving shape
to the answer you have found.


2. Eligible entries:
Any stationery, furniture or tool used in working, learning and living scenes


3. Registration and submission:
July 19 to October 18, 2019


4. Judges:
- Ryosuke Uehara (CEO, Art Director & Creative Director of KIGI Co., Ltd.)
- Masashi Kawamura (Creative Director & Chief Creative Officer of Whatever)
- Tsuyoshi Tane (Founder of Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects Architect)
- Teruhiro Yanagihara (Designer)
- Yoshie Watanabe (Art Director & Designer at KIGI Co., Ltd.)
- Hidekuni Kuroda (KOKUYO Co., Ltd. President and CEO)


5. Prizes:
- Grand Prix (one from all entries) ¥2,000,000 (about $18,000)
- Merit Award (three from all entries) ¥500,000 (about $4,500) / winner
*Prize money will be paid net of withholding tax, surtax for reconstruction funding, and other applicable deductions.
*Not all prizes may be awarded for all categories if there is no winner selected.
*The amount shown in dollar is that calculated at the time of publication. The prize will be calculated according to the exchange rate at the time of payment, from the amount shown in Japanese yen.


6. Judging criteria:
- The design’s interpretation of the theme
- The completeness of the design and the ideas behind it
- The design’s potential to become a product


7. Award announcements:
March 14, 2020 [tentative]


website: https://www.kokuyo.com/en/award/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kokuyo_designaward/



cash prize award: $ 31,500.00 USD

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