designboom presents LEXUS design award 2015 shortlist



for the third time, designboom co-hosted the LEXUS design awardin collaboration with the japan design association NPO'senses' has been the theme for this third round. the LEXUS design award provides an opportunity for young innovators to showcase their works while receiving feedback from world renowned professionals in the area of design. through this initiative, LEXUS hopes to nurture and support world-enriching creators. submissions were received by designboom during the application period from august 11 to november 03rd, 2014. see the official rules here.


after careful consideration twelve winners have been selected by the six judges. four of them are receiving up to 2,5 million yen each to cover prototype production costs. these designers currently have three months to work on the prototypes of their award winning designs through regular creative sessions with four assigned mentors: arthur uuang, architect/engineer, robin hunicke, game designer, neri&hu, designers, max lamb, designer. they chose the two TOP winners based on criteria of uniqueness, originality, relevance to the theme and the possibility of making a prototype for the LEXUS design award 2015 presentation during milan design week in april.



ANIMAL MASKS by keita ebidzuka from japan allow wearers to see the world through animals' eyes evoking a mythical world where symbolism meets reality.  mentors: neri & hu





DIOMEDEIDAE by adriano alfaro, daiki nakamori and gaetano mirko vatiero from italy and japan, allow wearers to see the world through animals' eyes evoking a mythical world where symbolism meets reality.  mentor: arthur huang





LUZ by marina mellado mendieta from spain, uses emotional lighting technology to create an environment appropriate to any weather or climactic condition. mentor: max lamb




by emanuela corti and ivan parati from italy, is a collection of garments and accessories that emphasize use of human senses. mentor: robin hunicke




the other eight finalists' work will be presented in a panel exhibition during milan design week 2015, and include:


lexus design award 2015 designboom BRAILLE READER by juchun jung from south korea, allows people with vision impariment to read printed materials, bridging the senses of sight and touch.




lexus design award 2015 designboom CROSSWALK by naoki kaminaka and ryo yamaguchi from japan, is a crosswalk design featuring arrows that guide pedestrians to orchestrate smoother interchange across roads.




lexus design award 2015 designboom EMBODIMENT OF FRACTAL by hiroyuki morita from japan, invites the viewer to experience the fresh visual and tactile experience of the fractal growth of a natural forest through furniture.




lexus design award 2015 designboom HERE COMES THE SUN by chun-fu chen and chi-ming pao from taiwan is a heater that simulates sunlight coming through a window, providing warmth and hope.




lexus design award 2015 designboom INSTAMP by yuzo azu from japan, applies traditional east asian brushwork princes in the form of a rubber stamp. the pressure and angle of ones touch gives emotion and an artistic effect to western lettering.




lexus design award 2015 designboom LEATHER? by amon matsuo from japan, applies traditional japanese papermaking / molding techniques to powered shoemaking by-products, in which a new unique material emerges.




lexus design award 2015 designboom MNOTE, MNEMONIC NOTE by benjamin xue from singapore, is a writing pad designed to take advantage of our senses to improve memory and help us retain important information.




lexus design award 2015 designboom YAMAORI TANIORI TENT by iyo hasegawa from japan, is a tent inspired by origami that transforms from a flat sheet into a visually appealing shelter.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the 2015 Lexus Design Award.
This year we received 1,171 applications from 72 countries, all answering to the theme of “Senses” which brought forth a variety of wonderfully original ideas.


After extensive discussion among the distinguished members of the judging panel, 12 finalists were selected based on their potential contribution to design innovation and their ability to enrich society.


We hope you will continue your interest in the Lexus Design Award and follow this year’s events as they unfold in the lead up to Milan Design Week. By using #LexusDesignAward on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram,[(1]  you will be kept up to date with all the exciting ACTIVITY we have planned. We also encourage you to become a part of the conversation in social media as we would love to hear your comments and insights.


The Lexus Design Award will of course continue into next year, and we truly hope your desire to be a part of this exciting design community continues with it.


Thank you once again for your interest in the Lexus Design Award.  Through this initiative, we hope that we can help nurture the next generation of designers.

Lexus International