The First edition LOOP Creative Awards is launched in 2022. It is the inaugural edition of a promising award that will break the paradigm of Visualisation Awards: all the works will be judged by renowned professionals in the fields of architecture, design, visualisation and architecture photography.

Following the great success of LOOP Design Awards in Architecture and Design fields. The LOOP Creative Awards mission is to become one of the most prestigious and renowned international Rendering Awards, recognizing the best works across the globe. Our prestigious Jury of Architects, Designers, Creatives, Editors and Architecture Photographers will vote the best visualisations and renderings to select the inspiring winners of the first edition of LOOP Creative Awards 2022.

With a total of 40 categories in Architecture and Interior Design Rendering & Visualization.

LOOP Creative Awards 2022 will have a prizemoney of a total of 3500€ to the winners of the ‘Render of the Year, ‘House of the Year’, Best Exterior’ and ‘Best Interior’. We also feature a Sponsored Category Award by Concepts App for the 'Best Sketching Award', with a prize of a new iPad Air.

All the Winners and Honorable Mentions of LOOP Creative Awards 2022 will be featured in the LOOP Exhibition and will have the chance to receive a LOOP Awards Trophy.


cash prize award: $ 4,000.00 USD