We dress in a culture-neutral way. Some of us have never tried on a national costume. Some of us have been around many places and have no idea what the national dress would even be. And some of us have born into a wrong place, our hearts beat to a foreign culture for no logical reason and using a non-native dress would easily get stamped as the cultural appropriation.
So, how to find your inner North if you belong to many different cultures or if you feel distant even to you own folk dress?

We are looking for fresh and modern ideas about traditional costumes or meaningful national elements.
What in your traditions is worth spreading? What would make all of us better or just happier persons? How do you bring the stories of your ornaments to modern world and context? How would you blend different cultures in a meaningful way?
We all have different paths-Every now and then we crush into other cultures and integrate bits and pieces into our lives. That makes us “us”.
Tell your personal story, teach us something we don’t know or make us proud

• INSPIRE! Is your design a cultural innovation? Does the concept provide the new, modern and original view on a national identity in a global world? Is the use of materials and techniques/technology creative?
• EMPOWER! Do you connect people, cultures or groups? Does it have good influence on society? Is it democratic?
• INTRIQUE! Do you question the status quo? Do you offer a visually surprising and smart solution?

We have no categories, you can present garments, accessories, shoes or other kinds of body related objects.

Contest is organized by the Nordic Design Society. NDS is a new type of collaborative design office, focused on strategic use of design. Contest is open for designers, artists, students, innovators and those who can provide the required material.

Prize money is 1000 € total and it will be awarded to one entry.

NOV 1- DEC 31 2018 Submitting entries
JAN Screening entries
FEB 1 Announcing winner

Kati Reijonen PhD in Art and Design, Writer, Inner sustainability expert
Virpi Vaittinen Design Strategist, Futurice
Katrin Koit NDS Founder and Design Thinker
Teemu Salonen Designer-maker
Jitan V. Patel Art director and copywriter
Hadmut Holken Accessibility expert and philosopher
Takako Akimoto Industrial Designer
Kärt Summatavet PhD in Art and Design

There is no limit on the number of entries per person. If you are entering more than one concept, please submit each entry separately.

Proposal must be A3 size PDF and include the following information:
1. File name: yourname.pdf
2. Name of the proposal
3. Name of the designer
4. Contact. Email and phone number with country and area codes.
5. Illustration. Photo, drawing, 3D model or any other relevant way to present your idea.
6. Explanation of concept. Describe your idea, its origin and source for inspiration, relevance, use of materials and aesthetics concept.
7. By sending proposal you accept all rules, please read beforehand.
6. Send your submission: [email protected]

All submitted entries remain the intellectual property of the designer.

Designer grants the Nordic Design Society the right to use her/his name and work for promotional purposes without additional compensation in all media for unlimited time and without a further notice or approval. Nordic Design Society keeps the rights to modify the presentation suitable for media.

In cases where contestant has created a partially or fully similar concept with other entries which have won, or been published, selected or mentioned other ways, he/she is not entitled to compensation or negotiation of any kind.

By submitting the work, designer provides to Nordic Design Society the exclusive right to use his/her concept for commercial purpose. This constraint is valid until March1.2019. In case the Nordic Design Society wishes to use any of the concepts for commercial purposes, including manufacturing, specific contract will be concluded between designer and the Nordic Design Society

All contestants accept that they have read and understood rules of competition.
All submitted works must be original creations, not involving imitation, copying or plagiarism in any illegal ways.
Works must respect all personal rights, for example privacy, moral rights. No defamation or falsification shall be tolerated
Works must respect all property rights, for example trademarks, copyrights etc


cash prize award: $ 1,145.00 USD

Call for entry