Dates: 25th and 26th September 2022

Monaco Marina Management is launching its 2nd edition of the SMART & SUSTAINABLE MARINA at the Yacht Club of Monaco. If you are involved in a sustainable marina, yacht club or waterfront design, then this event is meant for you. Submit your completed or in-progress project so that our specialist's jury board will judge and attribute the Award for the Best Architect.

The yachting industry represents several billion euros and is now starting the energy and sustainability transition, to better preserve the maritime environment essential for the global ecosystem. Smart and sustainable marinas are the best vector to support the United Nations' sustainable goals and the development of smart and sustainable cities.

MONACO SMART & SUSTAINABLE MARINA is created in the spirit of preserving the natural maritime environment as much as possible while still developing marinas, yacht clubs, and waterfronts.

You must be registered as soon as possible as the places are limited in our E-Catalogue. Which will give you a prestigious advertisement as it will be available on our website, and social media as on the ones of our partners.

For more information contact us by email at: [email protected], or by phone at: +377 97 98 41 82.


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