The OFF GRID FARM Architectural Competition by Samana Group invites participants to conceptualize and design innovative off-grid farming solutions that encompass the company’s holistic and sustainable approach to living that values self-reliance and minimal environmental impact.

Design challenge

The design challenge of the OFF GRID FARM competition by Samana Group revolves around conceptualizing and realizing an off-grid farm that transcends conventional norms. Participants are tasked with creating a self-sustaining farming ecosystem that integrates renewable energy sources, innovative water management techniques, and sustainable agricultural practices to ensure long-term viability and resilience. Emphasizing community resilience and environmental stewardship, the competition encourages the use of local materials and promotes economic development while supporting a transition towards sustainable living. By pioneering solutions that address the unique challenges of remote living, participants have the opportunity to shape a more resilient and sustainable future for the Samana Peninsula and beyond.
This architecture competition is exclusively for architecture students and young architects, and seeks to design a pioneering, self-sufficient farming and addresses the challenges that Samana faces nowadays (limited access to electricity, water scarcity, and agricultural constraints).

Schedule & Fees

Early Birds Registration: March 25 - April 28
Regular Registration: April 29 - May 26
Late Registration: May 27 - July 07


1st place: 3,000$
2nd place: 2,000$
3rd place: 1,000$

Samana Group Award: Construction of the project
Audience Award: Week-long stay in the Dominican Republic

Winning projects and finalists will be published in magazines, blogs, architecture websites and social media. Digital participation certificates provided to all contestants.


Ryohei Koike – BIG
Cosimo Scotucci – MVRDV
Ludwik Kaizerbrecht – GENSLER
Magdalena Wojtal – SAMANA GROUP

Registrations are open. Get all the information on our website.


cash prize award: $ 6,000.00 USD