The Outdoor Design Award is a global award hosted by Designsori, a design content marketing group known for having the best screening and judging system in Asia. Our goal is to discover and promote novel and practical outdoor product designs, environment designs, and services in compliance with Glocalization in the post-COVID19 world. Professor Ken Nah, from the Graduate School of International Design (IDAS) at Hongik University will lead our screening committee and conduct fair and high-quality screening.

The most significant value of the Outdoor Design Award is to provide the most convenient, accurate, and valuable design screening in the world based on judging system not on personal competences of evaluators. We think fairness is the most important aspect. To achieve this, personal information such as nationality, organisation, and name are not revealed to the judges. Additionally, judges from the first screening are excluded from the second screening. The final screening is conducted the same way as the first screening. Around 15% of entries are selected as final winners. The percentage of result matching with other evaluators is automatically calculated and information is conveyed to all the evaluators. It makes the process more focused on judging.


November 17 - January 29, 2022


Announcement of Finalist : February 15, 2022
Announcement of Winner : February 28, 2022

Number of Members

Company / Professional / Student : Max. 5 people
* To qualify as a student submission, students can submit until one year after their graduation.


1. Product
- Camping Equipment
- Climbing Equipment
- Backpacks / Bags / Luggage
- Apparel / Footwear
- Sleeping Bags / Sleeping Mats
- Sports
- Accessories
- Etc

2. Brand
- Corporate Design & Identity
- Brand Design & Identity
- Packaging Design
- Posters
- Typography
- Illustrations
- Publishing & Print Media
- GUI / UX / UI
- Etc

3. Retail
- Shopping Mall
- Web / App
- Platform
- Concept Store
- Etc

Evaluation Criteria