Papaya Young Directors 2019 Papaya Young Directors 2019

Papaya Young Directors 2019

Papaya Young Directors (PYD) is a competition aimed at aspiring directors in the film industry. The competition is based around developing films for PYD’s partners and sponsors. PYD helps filmmakers to produce ground-breaking films which will increase their visibility in the film and marketing industry. Create a portfolio, start networking, be rewarded and work with the best.

Papaya Young Directors is the only competition for young film directors in Europe that
facilitates direct access to the world of professional filmmaking.

The competition is targeted at students and graduates of film schools, as well as art
schools, liberal arts schools, amateur filmmakers and people without a higher
education between the ages of 20 and 35.

Goals of the competition:
- Introducing young filmmakers to the world of film design
- Education - original workshops and lectures about film production, creation and design.
- Creating a platform of collaboration and exchange of ideas


cash prize award: $ 28,000.00 USD

Call for entry