In its 11th edition, POSTERHEROES 2022: Mindful or Mind Full? is a visual and social communication poster contest with an international selection panel and a cash prize of €2.500. No submission fees. Deadline September 20th, 2022

We live in an era of information overload where people must continually reskill, upskill and get new skills. Learning follows the accelerated pace of technological progress, leaving behind those who cannot keep up. It is time to change the paradigm in favor of slow and sustainable learning that aims to train conscious individuals in the name of cooperation, respect, and solidarity. Posterheroes propose to reflect on the limits of current learning models and imagine future ones.

Posterheroes keeps encouraging a positive reflection, giving value to social sustainability and inviting professional graphic designers and aspiring ones to consider it as a resource for building the communities of the future. The competition aims at promoting graphic design as a significant tool amplifying the potentialities of communication and stimulating a productive debate on international social issues which are affecting the future scenario.

Creatives can express their message through a 70x100 cm poster
After reading the regulation and the brief on, participants have the chance to upload their posters (at maximum 3 submissions) on the contest official website by September 30th, 2022. There are no submission fees.

The winning posters are selected by a selection panel comprising international experts in the field of illustration, animation, arts, and visual communication: Mirko Ilić / Elisa Talentino / Truly Design / Sebastian König / Seyyedmehdi Mousavi / Coco Cerrella / Adapt Studio / Studio Erretres / Marco Goran Romano / Lucio Schiavon

Best 40 posters, selected by the jurors, will become part of exhibitions, events and editorial projects curated by PLUG Association. The organizers will choose the first classified, who will win a cash prize of 2.500 €. Moreover, 12 posters will be selected to be part of the 2023 Calendar designed by Plug and created by Favini. Participants can download the brief and the regulation on the official website of the contest:

The project is promoted by Associazione Culturale Plug, FAVINI S.r.l., and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization ITCILO.


cash prize award: $ 2,500.00 USD