Designers tell stories through images.​

They assume many roles, but common to them all is the task of telling the story of the spaces and worlds they imagine. Often, they must convey these thoughts with images. Through their images, they can shape and influence how others feel and understand their ideas.

Although designers continue to be equipped with better digital tools, making it easier to create images, there is still a great deal of craft in visualization. Designers must discern the ways people interpret their images. They must work with the feelings that emerge from an image. They must understand how to speak to their audience without words.

​The Render of the Year award is seeking compelling images that tell stories of architecture, interiors, cities, and worlds that could be.

Jury members include: Mengyi Fan (SHoP Architects), Alex Hogrefe (Visualizing Architecture Design Distill), Jacinto Monteiro (Render of the Year Winner 2020), Kin Li (MAD Architects), Thomas Phifer (Bjarke Ingels Group). More jurors to be announced.


cash prize award: $ 5,000.00 USD