The Seoul Design Award is a platform that showcases the role of design in enriching everyday life and inspiring the daily lives of people around the world, gathering and communicating best practices. The award is given to designers or organizations that contribute to sustainable development by solving complex everyday problems through creative design. Celebrating its 4th year, the Seoul Design Award 2023 pays attention to design projects in various fields that contain regional backgrounds, processes, results, and visions, and widely publicizes how the projects' impact, innovation, and inclusiveness are realized for people and society.


The Seoul Design Award 2023 aims to spread the value of design by introducing outstanding projects that solve everyday problems in creative ways.




Designs for sustainable daily life that aim for harmony between people, society and the environment.

Contest field

Projects that have been realized within 5 years, and all designs can participate. (Product, visual, digital/multimedia, space/system, service/experience/social, etc.)



1st place  Grand Prize  1 team,   KRW 50 million

2nd place  Best of the Best  3 teams,   KRW 15 million each

           “Creativity/Innovation” Prize

           “Participation/Cooperation” Prize

           “Inspiration/Impact” Prize

3rd place  Honorable Mention (Excellence Prize) 7 teams,   KRW 5 million each

4th place  Finalist  10 teams  


Special Prizes  4 teams,    KRW 5 million each

       - Citizen’s Prize (1 Domestic, 1 overseas) : 2 teams total

       - Research Prize : 1 team *Area2(Research) only

       - Issue of the Year Prize (Digital) : 1 team


Submission period - March 14 (Tue) to June 28 (Wed)
Review period - July to September
Award Ceremony - October to November
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