Established in Japan, SIXPAD is the leading training gear brand developing products based on the world’s most advanced EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) theory proven by global authorities in sports science. Loved by top athletes, SIXPAD offers innovative products like EMS devices, fitness tools, supplements, wear as well as cutting-edge facilities to train with EMS devices like SIXPAD STATION and SIXPAD HOME GYM.

SIXPAD's goal is for people all around the world to enjoy a VITAL LIFE - one that's healthy and active. The brand continues to contribute to the sports, fitness, healthcare and medical care fields to help achieve a society where as many people as possible can live healthier lives.

To mark a new milestone, SIXPAD is calling for designers to create an iconic logo symbol. It will be used alone or in combination with the current logo, embossed on SIXPAD products and used in advertising materials from 2022.

Enter to get a chance to work with SIXPAD to help create "a society where people all around the world can live healthier lives"

Learn more about SIXPAD here

Entry Theme
- A brand logo symbol for SIXPAD, a brand that helps people live healthier lives by contributing to the fields of sports, fitness, health care, and medical care.
- One winning work will be selected through a rigorous review by the judges.
The judging criteria will be as follows:
The work represents SIXPAD's brand image, i.e., highly advanced, innovative, and healthy
The work will be easy to remember and recognize both in Japan and overseas
The work is highly original, and not similar to other brands
*Note: MTG Co., Ltd. shall be allowed to publish, adopt, and freely use the selected work under the name of MTG Co., Ltd.

- 1,000,000 yen (excl. tax)
Note: if winner is in outside of Japan, the prize money will be converted to their local currency at the exchange rate at the time of payment

Entry Period
- May 17 (Mon.) – 23:59 (JST), July 31 (Sat.), 2021
Works and entry applications must be received by the deadline
Note: The entry period may be extended depending on the circumstances. If it’s extended, it’ll be announced on the website.

Application Eligibility:
- Only people who have agreed to the Entry Terms and Conditions (""Entrants"") can enter this competition.
- Anyone can apply, whether they're individuals, groups, corporations, professionals, or amateurs.
- There are no restrictions on nationality, age, place of residence, etc.

Entry details
- Limited to original designs that haven't already been published
- Submitted entries must include a description of the work and the intentions behind it (about 200 characters)
-Limited to works that don't infringe the copyrights, trademarks, or other rights of third parties
-Designs should also take into account being used in monochrome and black-and-white versions
-Designs should be created on the assumption that they'll be used both within and outside Japan
-Also bear in mind that the winning design will be used in combination with the current SIXPAD logo
-You can submit multiple entries

How to apply
- Fill in the necessary information on the entry form, then submit your entry.
Note: You need a Google account to enter.

Result Announcement
- Scheduled to be announced on this website around fall 2021
Note: The timing of the announcement may be changed at the organizer's convenience. If it's going to be changed, it'll be announced on the website.
Note: The Entrant for the selected work will be contacted by email or phone in advance.

*Find full competition details in the Entry Terms and Conditions


cash prize award: $ 9,000.00 USD