The recent events between Russia and Ukraine gave us a reminder of the bunker’s utility as a civil defence structure. Most of the Ukrainian existing ones are in a very poor shape due to the lack of maintenance and are mainly for government use. Last year’s official statistics showed that just 11 per cent of Ukraine’s 21,000 underground shelters were operational.

“Today, the bunker has become the extreme expression of our greatest fears: from pandemics to climate change and nuclear war. And once you look, it doesn’t take long to start seeing bunkers everywhere.” GARRET, Bradley, “Bunker”, Penguin, 2021.

Our challenge is to design a bunker for a community of 1000 people, self-sufficient for a 2 years period.


You will choose the location.


This competition is open to everyone 18 years and older and it can be developed individually or by teams. Each team can contain a maximum of 4 members.


1st- Prize – £500 + Certificate + Publications on Selected Media
2nd Prize – £200 + Certificate + Publications on Selected Media
3rd Prize – £100 + Certificate + Publications on Selected Media
+3 Honourable Mentions -+ Certificate + Publications on Selected Media


Early Registration – £25
Regular Registration – £35
Late Registration – £50
Student discount is 10% upon request.

Referral discount is 25% upon request.

For groups registrations, please contact us for discount request


To be announced


Competition Officially Announced – 01 March 2022

Early registration – 01 March 2022 to 15 April 2022

Regular Competition Registration – 16 April 2022 to 30 May 2022

Late Competition Registration – 01 June 2022 to 15 June 2022

Deadline for questions – 07 June 2022

Closing Date for Submissions – 16 June 2022

Jury Evaluation – 17 June 2022 – 07 July 2022

Announcement of Winners – 01 August 2022

All dates (23:59 hours US Eastern Time)

Submission Requirements

A single (1) A2 horizontal presentation board with the details listed below must be submitted via
Image Format: A single JPG extension file presentation board (must not exceed 5MB).
Presentation boards must not indicate any information related to an individual’s/team’s identity.
All information provided in writing must be in English.

The submission must include, (but are not limited to) the following required drawings:

3 dimensional representations explaining the design, perspectives, and montages which display the character of the project.
Building / Site sections which illustrate key aspects and major spatial or programmatic elements.
Floor plans to show the interior spatial arrangements and program.
Elevations demonstrating qualities such as material, texture, and colour.
Large scale drawings that illustrate innovative details or integrated aspects of design.
All drawings should be presented at a scale appropriate for the design solution and include a graphic scale for reference.

Award Criteria

Concept – 15%
Design – 20%
Practicality – 15%
Innovation / Originality – 15%
Site Location – 10%
Presentation – 15%
Program – 10%


Any profit from this competition is to be donated for charity, to help the Ukrainian people.



cash prize award: $ 1,073.00 USD