VELUX are looking for an architect who can impress the judges with “Daylight from Above” criteria in the residential buildings and dwellings:

- Sun Movement: Evaluation of how the design balances sunlight exposure from morning to evening.

- Geometry: Utilizing interior walls and linings strategically as light reflectors.

- Direct sunlight: assessing the design’s response to changes in solar irradiation angles between winter and summer.

- Shadow control: Examining how the design handles shadows from both the surroundings and room users.

- Visual comfort: ensuring the presence of multiple light directions (windows) to soften shadows and prevent excessive contrast.

- Exploration of tactile and chromatic qualities of the materials revealed through light: transparency, translucency, reflection, perforations, light textures.

The competition is open to all architects in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. You have between February 15th and April1st 2024 to register for the chance to WIN 60.000 DKK / 91.000 SEK / 93.500 NOK and a trip for two to Copenhagen hosted by VELUX.

The winner will also receive media coverage in Architecture platforms and the VELUX website.

To be eligible for the competition, your project must either have at least one VELUX roof window installed on a residential building or dwelling not older than 3 years, or it must have at least one VELUX roof window installed by 30th June 2024.


cash prize award: $ 8,700.00 USD